Grayson Reed meets with OUTA to correct misinformation

Official Statement by Grayson Reed Consulting | 04 December 2018

A statement posted by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) on 19 November 2018 levelled accusations of financial impropriety against Grayson Reed, with regards to Services SETA (SETA) and the biometric system managed by Grayson Reed to electronically monitor the attendance of learners.

These accusations were levelled without any input or contact to Grayson Reed for comment or correct information.

Grayson Reed absolutely and categorically denies and challenges all allegations of wrongdoing.

Grayson Reed has reached out to OUTA in dialogue and notes OUTA’s interest in matters relating to the usage of public funds and resources. Grayson Reed invited OUTA to pose any questions and indicated Grayson Reed’s cooperation with any lawful investigation into this matter.

The use of Biometrics has become widely accepted by the Government, the Corporate Sector and Civil Society as the most reliable way to ensure public resources are distributed to the intended recipients in the manner stipulated by the appropriate process. In skills development, this means only paying genuine learners who attend classes and fulfil the required obligations.

Currently many institutions monitor attendance manually with paper registers, in some instances, learner stipend payments are paid out regardless of attendance or the fulfilment of obligations set out by the Skills Development Act. Grayson Reed and indeed many in wider society are of the view that manual processes are inefficient, wasteful and can be tampered with.

Grayson Reed’s processes and functions in the execution of this particular assignment are in complete accordance with the requirements of our ultimate client, the SETA and related stakeholders. Grayson Reed is open to any lawful investigation, conducted by a properly constituted and independent authority, into the malicious allegations.

At Grayson Reed, we proud of our role in stamping out corruption and the mismanagement of public funds through the use of biometrics and direct payments to learners.

Grayson Reed has pointed out to OUTA that is was a mistake to make conclusions based on incomplete information and to have gone public without giving Grayson Reed the opportunity to provide it with the facts.

We are, however, appreciative of the fact that OUTA CEO Wayne Duvanage responded to our calls and subsequently made time to meet with Grayson Reed officials at the OUTA offices on 3 December 2018.

In the meeting Grayson Reed made the following stipulations:

  • Grayson Reed would like to place on record, that the company refutes all allegations in the strongest possible terms and we are prepared to comply with any formal investigation conducted by a requisite and properly constituted legal authority.
  • We agree with OUTA in its stance against all forms of corruption.
  • We request that OUTA instantly take down and ceases any social media posts that paint and perpetuate the idea that Grayson Reed has been or is currently involved in any form of corruption, as these unfounded allegations have no basis
  • We request that OUTA acknowledge publicly the fact that Grayson Reed has approached the organisation with the aim of correcting their factual inaccuracies.
  • We request that OUTA henceforth continues to engage Grayson Reed on this matter, in any investigations that might include Grayson Reed, in the pursuit of facts and truth.

Grayson Reed holds OUTA in high professional regard. We value their work and we look forward to a positive working relationship in the future.