Grayson Reed Consulting is currently engaged in a Biometric Learner Attendance and Monitoring System (BLAMS) and periodic stipend disbursement project for the Services SETA from November 2017 – March 2020, as a consortium partner, together with Dram Holdings and Kulanati.

This project embodies two our key areas of expertise, biometric attendance monitoring solutions and payment aggregation. Our finance and technology partners on this project are First National Bank and Sage, respectively.

The project’s main objective is to biometrically monitor the attendance of thousands of learners under the Services SETA learning pathways, nationwide in order to ensure accurate payment of stipends which is proportionate to each learner’s attendance at training institutions and workplaces.

Grayson Reed is responsible for the monitoring of attendance and the disbursement of Service SETA funds, in line with SSETA policies and procedures around grant funding to onboarded learners.


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