Through our carefully cultivated and established network of suppliers and partners
we are able to offer the following:
Biometric Attendance Monitoring

Grayson Reed Consulting has become a leading provider in the Biometric Attendance Monitoring sphere. Compatible biometric attendance monitoring equipment at competitive prices and approximate to any client specification.

Development of compatible applications to interface with biometric attendance monitoring equipment running on Android, iOS, Desktop and Web.

Payment Aggregation

We are a service provider through which e-commerce merchants can process payment transactions. We allow for funds to be processed from a funding entity to a verified third party at reasonable costs for this work. What we do allows funders to remit funds, track the receipt and use of funds for designated purpose and minimise the risk of carrying cash to all parties involved in the transaction.

We currently only offer this service through FNB eWallet Pro.

Advanced Analytics

In our approach to advanced analytics, we first study and understand data gathered about your business processes, both internal and external. As a result, we are able to use that information to develop fresh alternative theories on how to optimize your operations.

Using business intelligence, we can advise you on the best course of action to both maximize your processes and also to give you competitive advantage in your industry.

  • Business intelligence and exploratory analytics – identify what has happened and, furthermore, why it has happened
  • Evaluation and prediction – determine the expected performance using alternative operational theories and best models
  • Determine the best course of action, utilizing the best optimal resources for your needs, consequently giving you an advantage over your competition, and improve your bottom line.
Information Technology

We live in a day and age where information technology has become the driving force behind many businesses. Having the right tools exactly when you need them becomes crucial to maintaining quality, meeting timelines and reaching your goals.

We can also help you to identify key areas within your business process where there are gaps in the use of information technology gaps. Subsequently, we can and recommend and implement solutions to fill those gaps and improve your business project.

We can also help you to develop project management tools that incorporate and make use of relevant, innovative technology. Best of all, we also show you how to use them.


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